Perception of Reality Through Tomorrow's Personal Computer Systems

by Omar Alejandro;



Personal empowerment over self avatar awareness. Digital confrontation. Decoding data for personal integration. Ignoring data for social acceptance. Creating data (knowingly or not) as part of digital context. Technological abuse and emotional distress: vague ideas of socialization within unclear social paradigms. Integration systems based on algorithms: codes written to determine social relationships and its basic concepts. Usage of social patterns in technology within the use of it IRL without the mediation of technology itself. None control. Correlation of human beings. Acknowledgment of existence based on social patterns, geo-localization and algorithms. Use of simple digital tools to communicate and emphasized others’ messages to empathize, gain trust and charm other specific interface users. Wireless communication. Plural transmutation of languages. Mechanical body parts. Nameless organizations. Data not being index by user interface(s). The search of anonymous communication. Digital existence over identity. Cease all possible communication with others trough regular and basic communication skills. Look forward to communicate though a graphic user interface that decodes your usage of language and signs into numbers. Blue light. Digital eye strain. Iris damage. Short sighted generations. DNA. Leadership means taking complete control: physical, mental and psychological. Don’t hesitate on using technology for this purposes. Learn to recognize symbols that are not part of your language. Correction: learn to make and codify your own symbols for violent purposes. Ignore all orders. Facts are melting trough wires. Lies are easily hidden. Don’t underestimate the tools you have. Remember the ultimate goal. Don’t trust nobody. Keep faith only on the code. Communicate trough standard yet cryptic forms of text to maintain awareness of social, political or/and violent displays of power IRL.

Do not hesitate on lettin the system control your ideas. It will ease the pain. Search messages. Hidden. Corrupt data for our own purposes. Write. Configure. Read.

Never sleep.

Recorded in Guadalajara, Jalisco on the 29th of September. Mixed and mastered the 3rd of Octuber in Mexico City.
Bonus tracks include remixes of "Intelligent search engines based on generative algorithms tested by data researchers made to be use by illiterate users" by Carlos Pesina as XHGC and Diego Garcia as Moctezuma Burned Feets.

Goat Folk; 2030


released October 10, 2016



all rights reserved


Goat Folk; Mexico

Goat Folk; is a mexican label dedicated to release the musical output of internet based alquimist Omar Alejandro;


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